Want to know something cool? We have a laser. Like an actual laser.

Our sheet metal department is fully capable of building out any guards, railings, sky-high platforms, cabinets or similar pieces for your projects. Keeping burnouts in-house makes the weldment process smooth as molasses. Since these steps are typically performed at the end of the builds, our Fabrication team works closely with our Assembly team. Logan Machine's complete welding department can tig, mig, stick, braze, plastic weld and silver solder. We have the ability to handle weldments of many types in aluminum, hot and cold finish, or stainless steel. Logan's experienced welders are skilled and can weld 0.5" fillets in one pass, enabling us to be very cost effective. Experience with ferrous and non-ferrous materials sets the sky as the limit for materials we can handle.

Our Welding team helps us keep your project within our walls, in effect keeping things simple and cheaper for you.

But seriously, come check out our laser.

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  • Milling
  • Turning
  • Electrical
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