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Metal Stamping Operations

Logan's people have more than 40 years of experience in metal stamping, including everything from simple operations, such as shearing, blanking, coining and deburring, to complex punching, drawing, forming and progressive operations. In every process, our skilled operators and sophisticated quality assurance programs guarantee that we match our products to the exact customer specifications, every time.



Logan Machine's modern stamping department is well-lighted for close visual inspections, and complete parts certification services are available if required. For all of your metal stamping needs, there's simply no reason to go anywhere but Logan.


From stamping stainless steel cookware to automotive parts, Logan Machine has a press for the application. Ranging in size from 5 to 250 tons, Logan's complete line of presses includes five that are equipped with power feeds, pay-off reels for coil stock, and roller levelers. Unique to Logan are highly polished rolls designed to keep products free from nicks and scratches. For customers who buy round blanks, Logan has more than 100 circular dies in inventory. We are experienced in applications for all material types and outfitted to handle any size production run, from the smallest to the largest. And by utilizing computerized tracking, Logan Machine is able to add dependable, on-time delivery to our comprehensive range of stamping services.




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