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Lathes, Grinders & Saws


Logan Machine is one of the best equipped machining operations in the northeastern United States. We have a broad range of tools including 20 specialized lathes. The number and variety of manual lathes we have to serve our customers provides maximum versatility. We can turn pieces up to 84 inches in diameter and up to 10 feet in length. At Logan, we think our capability is matched only by our precision. Close tolerance work is a Logan Machine Company specialty. Our people have the technical expertise and the necessary equipment to perform a wide variety of grinding operations, including surface, ID-OD, blancher, jig, and many other types. For the convenience and cost savings that come with superior capability, look no further than Logan. In our miscellaneous tool and equipment area, we offer similar versatility. Logan is equipped to provide complete and convenient service to our customers, including a heavy-duty saw area with heavy crane capacity, keyseaters and broach sets for keyways, and a large assortment of drill presses. And they're all located in one plant, to ensure faster delivery and lower costs. These are the “extras” that make Logan Machine right for your business.



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